The What: Life.

Life is magical.

Even when it’s unbearably challenging.

It’s magical.

The purpose of this blog is to share life experiences. I am a visual musician –  a tap dancer at my core – but above all else, I am a human being interested in connecting with others to co-create a peaceful energy in this world.

The topics of my posts will likely vary widely, but to me they’re all related. The lessons I learn and the experiences I have in dance and in art are directly applicable to life… they are not separate entities. My personal mission is simply to uplift. As a dancer, I bring that mission to my performance and I strive to fulfill it. As a human being, I bring that mission to every thought, every action, and every interaction and I sincerely strive to fulfill it… every day.

The joy and humor I experience might come through dance, it might come through painting, it might come through cooking, it might come through hula hooping (why not?)… but it is always at its peak when I am sharing with people around me. There are so many people in my life that bring me joy and comfort and humor…

This blog will chronicle all of that. It is my way of giving thanks, in hopes that sharing my experiences might brighten your day or bring you some comfort. We are in this together.



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