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To be in FLOW.

Sunday, April 4th, 2010 marked the premiere of “FLOW: An Evening of Music, Dance, and Visual Art” at the Triple Door in Seattle to a sold out house of 300! This was my first production endeavor of this scale. I learned SO much along the way.

The incredible artists involved this creative collaboration were:

The Teaching (featuring Josh Rawlings (Keys, Rhodes), Evan Flory-Barnes (Upright Bass), and Jeremy Jones (Drums)); special guests Jason Parker (Trumpet), and George Bullock (Guitar)

World-renowned tap dancer, Mark Mendonca; phenomenal International tap dancer Travis Knights; and VAM performance directed by Veronica Apodaca Mendonca.

I am so very thankful for every single person who helped make this possible behind-the-scenes, onstage, and in the audience. The energy in the house that night was absolutely magnificent… feelings of awe and inspiration were flowing in all directions. I can’t quite express in words the gratitude that I feel.

Infinite Thanks to all.


Click on the pic below to see the Flickr photo album for FLOW – pics taken by Fayme Way!


Here are a couple clips from the show:



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