Life / Poetry / Understanding

Did you know that you are inherently beautiful?

Searching, always searching.
What is it that
You seek?
You won’t soon find it here.

Eyes hungry for acceptance, always searching for
Who will satisfy your craving.
You long to fit in.
You need to feel loved.

Constant reaffirmation will never bring happiness
If you cannot first love yourself.

Your beauty is astounding.
You have so much to share with the world,
But because you have no love for yourself
You are not complete, not satisfied.
Find that love and
Free yourself.

Happiness is not some external force to be discovered.
This nourishment you crave is closer than you think.
Look inside.
Come to the realization that you are
An amazing
With something magnificent to offer.

Accept this as love and you can
Share it with others
Rather than stumbling upon disappointment
When others are not providing it for you.

Search no longer.
Love yourself and you will always
Have love.

A blurred truth comes into focus.




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