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YOU are beautiful. Can a phrase this unoriginal have real depth or meaning anymore? Something so simple, but so overused that we don’t stop to think about the different connotations: To gain a fresh perspective requires that we first question our belief about what the word “beauty” really means. Real beauty cannot be molded by the innuendo of pop culture. Real beauty has no trends to which one may feel pressured to conform. Real beauty is not focused on our physical body but on our entire being…. Real beauty is immeasurable, incomparable.

In a different light: “You are beautiful” is not a compliment. Whether you are told this multiple times per day or almost never, that does not alter the inherent beauty that you ARE. “You are beautiful” is a universal truth…

Which is not to say that we should stop telling people they’re beautiful, even if we’re referring to a beautiful picture of them. It just means that for ourselves, we can’t forget that we are beautiful not because someone told us so. Our self-worth should have nothing to do with this. It is the simple truth that: our worth exists as WE EXIST.

YOU are all things. YOU are.



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