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Human Suffering

I’ve never liked the phrase, “It could be worse.” Or, “You could have it worse.” Or, look on the bright side, “other people have it worse than you,” or, “At least you don’t have…” The idea of acknowledging the potential suffering of another human being who *appears to be* in a worse state of affairs than one’s self, and using it to make one’s self feel better or suffer less seems rather distasteful to me. Because I ask, what is that person supposed to do, the one whom is supposedly more disadvantaged than one’s self? To whose hardships does he or she look to lessen his or her own suffering?

Through suffering, we learn compassion. We learn about our own inner strength. We learn to find joy in the simplest of ways. We learn to live in the present moment. We learn not to cope, but to THRIVE with whatever our current situation has to offer. We SEE.

Human Suffering… Eckhart Tolle speaks of suffering in this way: One’s own interpretation of the situation affects how one experiences it. It is not the situation itself that causes one’s suffering.

This level of consciousness brings light to the power of our thoughts and how we experience each moment. In essence, we have the power to make ourselves feel “better”. All I’m wondering is if it’s possible for us to do this without disrespecting the experiences of our fellow human beings by not using the misfortune of others to brighten our own day? After all, even labeling someone else’s situation as “misfortune” has no real truth to it for that is our own personal judgment of their situation.

The beauty is that we do not have to suffer, nor does the person who seemingly has it worse than ourselves. Once we realize this simple truth, that’s all we need to ease our future suffering and we can direct our thoughts in this manner. It’s not about other people because there are no “others”.



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