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Benaroya Hall with The Coats!

This guest tap dance spot I did in The Coats‘ Holiday Show at Benaroya Hall came as a total surprise. By the way, The Coats are, like, my new favorite performers. They are an amazing a cappella quartet with killer vocals, endless humor, and the ability to put on a 2 + hour show that still has audience members glued to their seats by the end. My friend and spectacular drummer, Jeremy Jones, has been the drummer for their holiday show for a number of years now. The day before their first performance at Benaroya on December 10th, I was at a gig of Jeremy’s (He was playing with The Teaching at LUCID Jazz Lounge. Love!!) and he asked if I wanted to join in on a performance at Benaroya Hall the next evening… of course!  What a blast it was! It was so great to meet all the guys and to be able to share a moment onstage with them. I ended up guesting in all four of their shows at Benaroya. The energy of their show totally brought joy to my holiday season. Check out these fun pics from the first show!

They brought me up as an audience participant  *wink wink*.   Had to get my acting on for a second…. “Oh no! I’m so embarrassed to be in front of all of these people. Ah!”  You know, like that!



And then…. BAM! Off came the jacket and the rest is just a little residual aluminum dust that my taps left on the wood after all that groovin.


What fun!

Now I would highly recommend that you head over to their website and pick up some of their music. Oh, and I don’t think it’s too early to say that you should definitely add “The Coats’ Annual Holiday Show” to your calendar for next season. You’ll become such a fan!




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