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Recap: December Tap Jam

Another one down! Now, while while we didn’t have the large turnout that we had in November…

(( Hmm, tap jam or holiday party? Where are your priorities, people? )) I jest.

…it was still a killer cast of participants! We had another great trio of musicians to set the mood, Mark Mendonca came through to join in the festivities, we saw a return of my mom’s incredible cupcakes (No joke. One might be tempted to attend JUST for these), and auctioned off some fun local and handmade items!

Here’s a great action shot of an up-and-coming young tap dancer, Anabel Watson, gettin’ down at the December Tap Jam. Watch out for this girl. Those feet can fly! (And, they’re ridiculously clean… as in rhythmically.) Last summer, at the age of 12, she choreographed her own tap routine and competed it against some very well-seasoned tap dancers around the country for a chance to perform at the Chicago Human Rhythm Project. She came in at a very close 2nd place, and still performed her routine at the festival. Nice going, Anabel!


I want to take a second to give a huge thanks to the following people and businesses who, by offering their time, products, and services, helped to make our tap jam such a big success:


Matt Turner, pianist

Matt Hopper, bassist

Frank Heye, drummer
Frank is the man! Frank performs with the classic R&B band, The Big Dog Revue. Check out their website to see when they’re playing next, and get to one of their concerts!


Vanessa Wheeler, Artist
“Seattle born and raised girl. I’ve dabbled in the arts my whole life, and have decided to give it my all. So, thank you for visiting this store to see what I’ve created.
I also do contract work, so feel free to contact me anytime.
Facebook under Vanessa Wheeler (Nuetzmann is my maiden name)
cobwebclothing [!at]
Thank you! Love, Vanessa”
Check out her Etsy shop with drawings, paintings, and handmade accessories at:

Blissful Bubbles Would you believe that the picture to the left is actually soap? Yep, it’s true! We had a fun donation from Blissful Bubbles: Cupcake Soap! Check out their incredible soaps at

Lynn Hautala
For the awesome vintage tap book. The cover said something along the lines of “Tap Dance: A safe way to a slim and healthy figure.”   And it had a picture of a very happy, conservatively dressed woman on the front. Those were the days…  What a collector’s item!!
Cass Vaivadas, Chef/Baker Extraordinaire – Cass makes incredible, incredible food and desserts. I would highly recommend contacting Cass if you are searching for a unique, absolutely stunning cake for your next holiday, celebration, or gathering. She can be reached at  or via phone at: 206-372-1411.

Thank you for your support and assistance. This could not have happened without you!

Anthony Peters, The Scudder/Davis Family, The Hawkins/Weinland Family, The Hayden/Chan Family, The McCord/Salman Family, Dan and Lisa Sawyers, Jovon Miller

NEXT MONTH’S JAM: Saturday, January 8th from 7-9pm
Location: Tap Dance Seattle @ 6600 1st Ave NE, Seattle, WA 98115

Hope to see you there!


These events double as a way for tap dancers to come together – to jam, share ideas and steps, perform for one another, dance with live music – and as a Fundraiser to send a group of young tap dancers to the NY Tap Dance Festival in July 2011. We’ll be hosting one jam per month until then!

The group for which we’re raising funds is SoleSound Youth Performance Co, and consists of four young girls between the ages of 9 and 11. To meet their goal and get to the NY Tap Fest, at each jam the girls will be collecting a cover charge of $10 per person (or $7 with tap shoes / free for kids 5 & under), selling food and beverages, and holding a silent auction with great products and services from local businesses. That’s right, the girls will be doing this – they’re putting in the work at each event to literally earn their way to NY. Tap dancers and non tap dancers are encouraged to attend!


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