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Adventures in Fishnets

I rarely find myself looking “glam” in everyday life, which is just fine by me. For most of the year in Seattle, the air has a bit of a chill to it that renders an overcoat necessary. I’m almost always cold regardless, so when I need to wear a coat I tend to leave it on all day… which means that whatever I wear underneath the coat just isn’t that important, right? (Stylistically speaking.)  Well, that’s how I justify it anyway.  ;)

On occasion I will get a little decked out, but it’s usually related to some kind of show or event – either one that I’m attending or actually performing in.

— Enter GLAM à FROST —

This one had me donning fishnets, fake eyelashes, and high heel tap shoes, and what a blast it was!

This Winter-themed gig at Can Can with VAM GLAM was our first full-evening cabaret show as a company and it was a SELLOUT! The place was packed, wall-to-wall, standing room only, you name it. Awesome energy. Killer dancers, vocalists, live piano accompaniment from Josh Rawlings, all interlaced with a healthy dose of comedy. We’re already planning to do a Spring show in May… I’ll keep you posted on that one!

So, what’s VAM?

Veronica Mendonca/VAM is a multi-disciplinary performance group based in Seattle, WA. Lead by Veronica Mendonca (Artistic Director), VAM is a collective of dancers and other artists branched into two distinct identities: Veronica Mendonca/VAM, a contemporary dance company, and VAMGLAM a cabaret performance company.

VAM’s mission is to create a dynamic and highly sensory experience for its audience, to share dance with its community, to collaborate and to inspire.

Full details on the  company’s website at: www.VAMperformance.org
Check out these fun behind-the-scenes pics from the dressing room (gasp!). Video footage and professional shots from GLAM à FROST coming soon!




























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