Acknowledgements / Beauty / Life / Poetry / Understanding


A very dear friend of mine gave me this incredible handmade, hand-bound little journal over 6 months ago. I absolutely love it. It’s so magical, so special, that I’ve been waiting to write in it until I could add something as meaningful as the journal itself.

It finally hit me last night.


In this journal, I will write inspirational tidbits that come from within myself (withInspiration – get it? …sorry. Couldn’t help myself.) each time I put a pencil to these beautiful pages… This includes things I’d like to give attention to, things I’d like to shift, things I’d like to strive for… Self guidance for my current direction, needs, frustrations, distractions, ponderings…

Acknowledgements of all that is, for nothing more than what it is.

I write notes like this to myself all the time anyway. Now I have a meaningful repository for them!

I thought it would be fun to share these pages with you. I will post as often as I write in the journal, which will be whenever I feel the need to do so. …No expectations, just gonna flow with it.



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