Doing Our Best

Life is so glorious.

Each new challenge, if we allow it, can bring more awareness to our experience, opening our hearts wider to enable us to share fully the love that we are. With this expansion comes understanding of others… because we see others as ourselves. We see others as “doing the best they can” at this moment in time – just like ourselves – and we love and respect them for that. We let others be as they are in this moment and realize that we are all learning, growing, stumbling, and rising up at our own pace, in our own time.

To be critical of others creates stagnation in one’s own heart and life. What is there to gain through comparisons, judgments, and negativity? How can that way of being truly bring joy to one’s life? Who are we to say what’s right for another? With what anointed authority? For what aim? Not allowing others to be exactly as they are is an indicator of the unexamined self:  if you aren’t letting THEM be, it’s because you’re not letting YOU be.  Who are you? …perhaps the mere thought of uncovering the layers of protection around your true self is too painful. It’s a process. Necessary – maybe a bit messy – scary, but, simultaneously enlightening and joyous. Fear keeps us from allowing in new perspectives and finding deeper contentment within.

I know what layers I need to uncover in this moment of my life, and I’m excited about the journey that lies ahead. On the road to heal and forgive. One channel that I use/will use to help clear my mind is my diet. I’ve been exploring the healing properties of living foods recently and I’m very excited to study and continue to experiment and experience the beautiful cleansing energy this has brought to my life. I say this because I may feel compelled to share some dietary adventures on here from time to time. This is a blog about life. (In fact, my first food-related post about green smoothies is where it all began!)

What protective layers are you working to clear? Let’s do this!



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