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Don’t work to change the system.

Instead, Create & share the work you love and the system will follow.

Lately, I’ve been keeping this simple truth on the top of my mind that is shown in the black-bordered box on the bottom of the following journal page in this pic (feel free to read the top, too! I like to read over those lines often to keep myself focused!):


“Everyone is trying to do the best they can with where they’re at right now.”

That said, let’s…

Work WITH people, not against them.
Work WITH the system, not against it.

(Ultimately, we kind of ARE “the system” anyway because it was/is a product of our human behaviors & interactions.)

Furthermore, the relatively small percentage of misguided individuals who seek personal material gain through actions that are harmful to others are, realistically, few and far between. The ones that do tend to pervade our thoughts solely because the media focuses so much attention in their negative actions. And, that which you give your attention to becomes your truth. That said, these people are NOT the majority. Not even close.

Our human race has far more beautiful, transformational potential than we give ourselves credit for. Clearly, every person that watches the news or reads an article about corruption in out world and speaks negatively about such news is not the kind of person who feels like they would ever engage in such corrupt practices. If this is true, imagine the beautiful creations that could emerge if every single one of these individuals – instead of commenting somewhat apathetically about what others are doing wrong – actually made the choice to do something that they feel is right!!

What a different world this would be!

By getting involved and bringing the best of your authentic self to your work and your creations, you will do nothing but change the system!! Energy is often wasted by fixating on what’s less than ideal in our world instead of actually going out and creating what IS ideal (read: creating stuff that matters to you and truly makes other peoples’ lives better!). If we all take personal responsibility for this, I think we’ll see that much of what’s “not right” will succumb to a natural, evolutionary obsolescence.

Change is a beautiful thing.

We have a choice in each moment.

We have a choice as to how we’d like to spend our time here on this earth.

What will you choose?

This option sounds pretty darn enjoyable and worthwhile, right?! It’s the path I’ve chosen and I’m not looking back. Join in on this wild ride! It is in your power!

This is about living a life uplifted. A life that embraces the beauty of our interconnectedness and celebrates the inherent worth of each being on this planet.

Can you dig it?

Thanks for tuning in.



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