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Planning for FUN!

Does anyone else you know have a 4′ x 6′ dry-erase board on the wall in their house? How about in their studio apartment?

Let’s just say I pretty much LIVE my work (And I also happen to love it!).

And, I am a super visual person.
S U P E R.

In other words –> Diagrams, arrows, charts, tables – you name it and I use it when planning my projects.

Which is why this makes me so happy:


I finally got this monster of a white board re-hung after moving apartments almost 6mos ago. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until now, and now I’m far too excited to go to sleep (though 6:30am hot yoga tells me I should be sleeping now)!

But seriously, how awesome would it be if you could just write on your apartment wall day or night when inspiration strikes?

The key word here is found in the post title: FUN!!

I’m searching for as many ways as possible to make sure that the work I do is fun. I want work to feel like PLAY as often as possible!

I’ll share more tips for fun planning and management strategies as I discover them. Increased productivity and increased joyfulness, here we come!



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