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Reflecting on War, on “Others”

I just stumbled upon the link below via Facebook. it catapulted me into a slough of thoughts and brought tears to my eyes. Please check out the link. The following is a range of my contemplations on:

The horrors of war,
the will to persevere,
the power of Love and connection…

I feel saddened, touched, angered, and inspired all at once. What an unbelievable story in those pictures and, no doubt, not an uncommon one in the aftermath of war.

Can we please evolve from believing that violent acts are the way to evoke positive change in this world? It’s time.

What can we do to encourage this evolution?

First step:
Reach out to your neighbors and local community more often. Stop seeing those in your own town as “others”.

And, ask yourself:
Can you feel your own magnificence? Continue to seek it out.
And, do you see this magnificence in others, even if they don’t see it in themselves?

I always wonder this:
Why is it that most people can’t look at a newborn baby without smiling and feeling that beautiful inner warmth, but don’t have this same response with adults, too? I think that fear and skepticism creep in and we try to “figure them out” or make our “first impressions” about who they are in relation to us rather than Knowing that they are incredible, Knowing that they are worthy, treating them as such, and offering them that same warm smile.

This is the shift we need, this is where it begins, and it’s in our control to make it happen.

To extend our arms a little wider,
to see the inherent Beauty,
to be authentically who we are.
To remember (and perhaps helps others remember)….. We all Belong.

Sending Love.


The link:


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