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A Creative Experience Worth Sharing

So, what was this experience?

It’s called Rhythm Summit by Tap Motif, produced by Thanos Daskalopoulos of Athens.

It’s an 11-day project based music and percussive dance festival that happens every year on a remote island in Greece called Lefkada. Sun, sand, swimming, music making, beach jams…

….Yes, these things do exist.

July of 2012 was my first time, but it was their 6th consecutive year. I had such a stellar time that I felt compelled to write a full-blown article about the festival in hopes that I can inspire other people to attend next summer – Registration is now open!

Click the image below to read my article, and maybe email it to a friend or two whom you think might be interested in this unique fest:


2 thoughts on “A Creative Experience Worth Sharing

  1. What a great and loving summation of a truly unique, wonderful and fun festival. I am so happy that I had a chance to be there for the first TapMotif Festival and to have added such fantastically talented beings to my family.

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