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NOVEMBER = 100% Raw!

I have made a decision:   I’m transitioning forward to 100% raw for the month of November.

It’s cleanse time! I’m also considering a juice fast at the end of this 100% raw period… we shall see.

Here’s my self-proposed regimen (subject to change via what I feel my body needs as I go along):

2 blenders full of green smoothies
High fruit, Low fat approach  (to encourage cleanse)
Green juice
Greens powder/bee pollen/maca/other magical remedies of similar nature
2x per day  lemon juice & baking soda tonic   (to detox/alkalize)
2x per day oil pulling with sesame oil
Skin Brushing
Filtered water only, for everything – bathing included.  (A continued practice for me to circumvent fluoride exposure)

…other elements TBD.

The best part?
This is going to make my food perp VERY simple for the month, which will enable me to focus on CREATING on moving forward swiftly with a natural, RAW ENERGY that I’m already feeling rising from inside of me.

I have felt more authentically “me” in the last three weeks, especially in my ability to share my fullest Self with other people in connecting deeply and enjoying the company of many, and it has me SO excited. I want to acknowledge this shift by infusing an extra boost of vitality into the mix from the inside out with all living foods. My intention here is to match my current high vibrational level with high vibrational foods, to honor the inner work that I’ve been doing and to shower my physical body with all of the wonderful benefits of nature’s bounty.

I’ll post periodically on my progress and any changes that I notice as I go along. I do expect some detox symptoms, and will welcome them fully as they help me move through to a more vibrant ME!

Thoughts, questions, comments? Wanna join?!  Get in touch with me!



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