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To be Objectified.

A friend shared this fabulous video on Facebook. I felt compelled to share it, too, but in no time my word count kept creeping upward and I thought I better make this response a legitimate blog post.

Step 1:  Watch this 5 minute video

Step 2:  My Thoughts

This phrase… “Turning a human being into a thing is almost always the first step towards justifying violence against that person.”


Case in point:    You may know that my first professional “gig” was as a mascot for a Seattle seafood restaurant. I was a tap dancing clam. (On first read, the following might seem humorous – parts of it are – but dig deeper). I wore a huge fiberglass shell in which my upper body, including arms, were contained, leaving my legs, in black spandex, exposed. In the 7 years I kept the gig, I can’t tell you the number of times I was grabbed by men as they passed by me while I was promoting at the sports stadiums. Apparently, a pair of legs and an ass sticking out of a mascot uniform do not belong to a real person and are, therefore, fair game. These were the only times that I ever hated the job, hated it because I hated seeing the unconscious motivations surfacing in people and the laughter it sparked in their comrades. None of it happened “to” me. It just happened. I was an observer of the depth of unconsciousness at play – the other times that I got to be on the ball field playing dodgeball with 20 other mascots or teaching little kids how to tap dance at local events? Awesome.


But, yes, my extreme experience with “objectification” absolutely echoes what is being brought to light in this video.

To dehumanize, to see others or a population as less than…

It has been going on throughout our history in hugely deplorable ways, and it happens on a daily basis in our own lives via our media-saturated societies.



Time to wake up, make conscious choices and speak out.


Stop striving for what isn’t.

Question everything.

Listen long enough and you’ll hear what you need.

Fall in love with the richness and chaotic beauty of the stunning mosaic around you.

These cracks, these lines, these these curves tell stories of lessons learned, of struggle, of never-gonna-be-what-you-want-me-to-be-so-DEAL, of a life being lived IN LOVE. …Of endless adventures, exciting discoveries, and arms wide open, when you’re ready.

Life is too short to be crippled by your inability to meet other peoples’ ideals. Love yourself now, exactly as you came. What you can’t change about yourself? Ask yourself why you even want to at all? And then, learn to love those things even MORE. Take it from me: the work will be worth it.

Step 3:  Your thoughts?



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