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VIMM World Tour Recap 9: CANADA

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA – February 10th to 16th, 2015

Heading into Calgary

Bird’s Eye View Heading into Calgary

Transitioning from sunny Brazil to Calgary, Canada was brutal. Although this view from the plane was positively stunning, it only further verified the shock my entire system was about to receive upon landing.

Lucky, though, that only my first day in Calgary looked like this. Every subsequent day got warmer and warmer, even up to about the mid-40’s! (Farenheight, that is.)

I don’t have many city photos from Calgary because this was the shortest stop on my trip. I was there primarily to teach on faculty and perform at the Rhythm, Body & Soul Tap Dance Festival, but intended to film for Music of Humankind as well.

I’m not sure what I thought to expect of Calgary before arriving, but I enjoyed a few moments of exploring and found myself enjoying the flow and even some of the architecture of the city. Although the time difference between Brazil and Calgary isn’t too substantial, I definitely felt the accumulation of jet lag and 5 months of travels creeping up on me while here, especially in the midst of such a busy work schedule at the festival. We’ll call this stop the homestretch.

Around the City

Around the City


What?! I am now Calgarian.

What?! I am now Calgarian.

The Tap Festival included all of us faculty members being proclaimed “Honorary Calgarians” by the city council. This event involved us being given big white cowboy hats and being asked to howl a big, “YeeeeeHAW!” for attendees at the event. Hilarious.

On my last day in Calgary, I was to fly out that evening around 6pm. That morning happened to be my only opportunity to gather dancers together for a Music of Humankind video shoot. Thankfully, there were some diehard dancers up there who were willing to come out at 10am instead of sleeping off the busyness of the festival. We had a great time, and one of my most influential mentors in the tap dance community, the beautiful Dianne “Lady Di” Walker, even came out to support (and she made a brief cameo in the video… with her white cowboy hat!).

Dancers from the Music of Humankind Shoot in Calgary (Snow had melted)

Dancers from the Music of Humankind Shoot in Calgary (Snow had melted)

Additionally, I’m also going to include a photo from another part of Canada: Vancouver, BC. Technically, this Vancouver video shoot didn’t happen until about a month later, once I was already back in Seattle, but it still falls under the CANADA video shoot category, so here it is!

Vancouver, BC Dance Shoot

Vancouver, BC Dance Shoot

Onto the Next:  HOME!

Well, except…. initially, I had tried to make it to Africa during this 5 month trip but my funds wouldn’t allow. So, upon returning home, I will be actively planning a creative way to get to Africa so that I can properly represent 6 continents and our wonderfully diverse humanity in the global video.

Thanks for reading!




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